Midsummer night.

We made yesterday our traditional Midsummer Night drive to see the sunset and the sunrise on the west coast.

We started at seven o´clock in the evening. At first we needed gasoline for the car.


The sky was full of heavy clouds, but we wished the wind will blow them away while driving to the west coast. The temperature was only +13°C/ 55°F.

Krookan kyltti
At half past eight we arrived to Krookka guest harbour in Merikarvia by the Bothnian Sea.
Every Midsummer Eve we have seen this “pirate” sailing there.
Boats on the harbour. Clouds have disappeared.
Ilta-aurinko värjää
When arriving at ten o`clock to the Fish harbour of Kasala, the evening sun painted everything with its colours.
There is a tower for  watching the sea and birds. We were almost alone, only one car was there.
A view from the tower.
Meri ja pilvet
A view from the tower.
Meri ja pilvet1
A view from the tower.

We continued our trip to Kiili, in the town of Kristiinankaupunki, a very famous place to watch the sunset at Midsummer night. We were there about eleven o`clock.

Säteittäiset pilvet
The sky when we arrived.
Taivas saapuessa Kiiliin
The sun behind the clouds.
Lokki ja taivas
Seagulls were fishing.


Säteittäiset pilvet
The sunset.

Kello keskiyö.jpg

It is midnight.




The sun has gone behind the horizon. The darkest moment of the night.

After seeing the sunset we started the trip back home.


At two o´clock the sun was raising. The temperature was only +3°C/ +36°F and fog was also raising.
Valoisuus kotiin
We arrived at home about four o´clock.  We hope we will have our permanent home by the sea as soon as possible.




Problems and surprises. Ongelmia ja yllätyksiä.

This blog has been very quiet almost two weeks. We had some real summer days, then it started to rain. It was good, because it was such a long dry season we had to water our trees and plants, but to take beautiful photos of rain was difficult.

I had also problems to transfer photos from the camera to the computer, I didn´t find any reason why, and today everything worked quite easily.

What was the first surprise? It was and is a cat. We saw in winter a grey cat in our yard when it was more than -20°C/ -4°F cold. We tried to take it inside, but it was very fearful and ran away. We didn´t see it again and we thought that it didn´t survive. When the few summer days came, so came this cat back. It was a tiny cat, just skin and bones. After feeding it stayed in our yard. So we continued to feed her, no more “it” and one day my husband carried her to our sauna,  as a quarantine place. She just slept and ate for two weeks and then she started to explore the house.

Kosmo knew that we have a cat in sauna, the girl was spitting and growling there. Then they were allowed to see each others shortly. Kosmo was at first very angry, and I think, jealous, too. Day by day they got more common time, it was hissing and fighting at the beginning, but every day was better, and yesterday I saw Kosmo licking her head.

When we took that girl to our sauna, we decided to let her eat and sleep some days and then we will take her to a shelter. The end of a story: she is still here and her name Pippi, after the wisest cat we have ever had.

The second almost surprise was a postcard from Benji and Ms. Zulu in Florida. This photo of the card is not very sharp, but you see there our two doggie friends. Here is a link to their blog, which is full of adventures https://lifeofbenji.com

Benji and Ms. Zulu




The most beautiful green and white nights. Kaikkein kaunein vihreä ja valoisat yöt.

Niska tieLight green birches mean here so much. Dark and cold winter is behind. Warm days and white  nights are here.

A white veil. Valkoinen huntu.

The cherryplum trees “Podarok of St. Petersburg” are in to blossom. In two sunny days the trees are suddenly full of small white flowers, every branch is fully covered with these flowers. At the end of August these trees have small, yellow and very sweet plums.

We planted these trees inthe spring 2012, they were about 1,20 m/ 3,5 ft high.

Poda puut

Poda lähikuva

Poda oksa

Today, Friday, + 25°C/ +77°F!

What a day we had, the first warm day! The sun and warm wind made a miracle under our old oak. In the afternoon it was all yellow. Yellow wood anemones had opened their buttons, and small Gagea lutea, I cound´t find an English name for it, we call it käenrieska, a cuckoo´s bread, I don´t know the reason. Just a guess, cuckoos are cuckooing at the same time these flowers are in blossom.

I have in my camera 50X optical zoom, and I took the last photo of a bird high up on the top of a spruce.

Keltavuokot koko
Yellow wood anemones.
Keltavuokot lähi
Yellow wood anemones.
Gagea lutea.
Kuusen latvassa
Watching the world on the top of a spruce.

Our spring is late.

Our spring is late about three four weeks. Here is some photos taken 18.5.2016. At the same day this year, today, we have nothing, our trees and plants are just trying to awake. The temperature is warmer, today + 10°C/ 50°F. Now it should be almost  summer temperatures, not like an early spring. Do we have summer this year at all?

The years 1866-1868 were terrible years here, lakes were frozen at midsummer. Then it was a warmer period and people could seed grain and potatoes. But the first snow came in August and destroyed everything. The next summer was cold and rainy. The famine was here, people had nothing to eat. They left their homes, started to walk from house to house begging. Roads were bordered with starved bodies. They were buried to graveyards together, nobody knew who they were. About 8% of the whole population died to hunger and diseases. Some villages were empty, no one survived.

If you are interested to read of these famine years in English, click the link.


Kirsikka viime vuosi

Finnish Sauna.

Some of our followers have asked about our sauna, what is it like and what happens in our sauna. I found this great article, in English, written by Pirkko Valtakari, former executive secretary of the Finnish Sauna Society.
Here is the link http://www.sauna.fi/in-english/finnish-sauna-culture/

And if you “google” a word sauna, you will find pictures of our saunas, a cottage by a lake, a small sauna in an apartment and everything between these.

Please read it, if you have not been in a finnish sauna.




Siilin talo. Our hedgehog´s house.

Inside this pile of leaves is a two room house. It is made so that water, rain or melting snow, can´t wet a sleeping hedgehog. The leaves keep the house safe and a little bit warmer. The house is in a quiet corner of our yard.  The hedgehog, we have seen only one this spring, has made two doors. That white spot is a water bowl and in the evenings we give him/ her cat food.

Every autumn in newspapers is articles how to make a house for a hedgehog. Every year we have them less, traffic is the most dangerous enemy. These winters without snow and often changing temperatures also kill them, if they have shelter only of leaves or hay. They get wet and freeze, when the weather is cold again.

PS. It is snowing now.

Siilin pesä

We had three hedgehogs living in your yard during the summer 2013.



Sunday 30.4.2017

This winter is not giving up easily, snowing started yesterday in the evening and it is still snowing. I don´t know what happens to our flowers and trees. Our hedgehog was searching for food again last night in heavy snow. We feeded it and then followed it to see where it is going. Under the oak it lost the way home and my husband carried it to it´s home. He said that it was the first time in his life he was carrying a hedgehog.


Where is the spring?

It has been snowing and raining for days, the temperature is below 0°C,  32°F at nights. Yesterday evening we saw a hedgehog walking in the snow and we gave it cat food. This hedgehodg has slept the wintertime in it´s house in our yard. Today snow melted away in the afternoon, but this night will be cold again. Our spring is soon one month late.

Today by the lake Kyrösjärvi.

Veneranta sade1

Coltfoot and ice.

Today, at Good Friday, was a very cold day, only 0° C, 32° F. The sun was shining for a while. We were driving around to see some hints of disappeared spring. Our lake was sleeping under ice. Coltfoot was in bloom by a stone warmed by the sun. Two so different photos. Coltfoot is in Finnish leskenlehti, a leaf of a widow, maybe because it is alone in bloom so early in spring.



Jäinen järvi

Vi-Purrs by Jeanne Foguth. Book Review.


Vi-Purrs by Jeanne Foguth, the Sea-Purrtector Files Book 3

Close your eyes , feel warm winds of Haiti on your skin. Suddenly you see a car,  a grey king cab, driving slowly. Behind the wheel is a man, a very hairy man, in the car sits two adult cats, one kitten, a rat and a chameleon.

Xander the Purrtector is, of course, there,  the other adult is Sharkey. Do you remember her from the Red Claw? She has already finished her education and is a Purrtector herself, too. The kitten is Mischief, the stubborn apprentice of  Xander. The chameleon is helpful Mars. The driver, Rufus, and the rat Scar are from the terrible laboratory of a mad doctor Moreau, who made weird creatures by mixing different DNAs.

Xander, “James Bond” of Catamondo,  is again in Haiti to find out that the explosion in the lab really destroyed everything, because they have  heard news that something weird is still happening. The Purrtector of the Dominican Republic has disappeared and somebody has an evil idea how to destroy  the whole Catamondo. This mission is not the easiest, suddenly the furious hurricane hits the island and at the same time dangerous bird flu spreads rapidly.

Jeanne Foguth is obviously an expert of feline behavior and she compounds in a very lovely way our habits with cats every day life.

The book, as the Red Claw and Purr-a-Noia, has the same two levels, telling how it is possible to live all together, in peace. Just think the group in the car, they could eat each others, but no, they have a mission and they will succeed in it together.

I highly recommend this book to everybody , it is a book of very special cats, but also an adventure book full of information of Haiti, its flora  and fauna, and a book of friendship.

Kristiina Rantasalo

March 2016 and 2017.

Last year in March we were driving around this countryside taking photos. The days were sunny, the sky bright blue and the spring was so near.

Kevät 2016

Now the wind with wet snow is trying to hide us under white drifts.


So we sit inside watching ski competitions in Norway.