Trying to take a selfie…

Hi, it´s me Kosmo. I have noticed many cats taking selfies, and I wanted to try, too. I put the camera on the edge of a table and went under on the floor. That was a good idea, but the selfies, hmmm????

WP_20180214_002 Kosmo selfie 3
My eyes, my teeht.
WP_20180214_004 selfie4
Oh the camera is not here,

Supermoon, Bad Moon?

IMG_8789 Kuu
For some minutes the clouds moved away and this is what we saw here.
 When looking at the moon I remembered the words of this song “Bad Moon Rising” and I realized how true these words are.
I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin’
I see bad times today
Don’t go ’round tonight
It’s bound to take your life
There’s a bad moon on the rise
I hear hurricanes a-blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowing
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.




The weather is unpredictable.

The temperature changed from – 30° C/ -22°F to 0°C/ 32°F  in Northern parts of Finland. Cranky weather has been very typical here during last months. On Tuesday we had the most beautiful, cold and sunny day. On Wednesday morning it was raining/ snowing and the whole world was dirty gray. Here is below two views from our kitchen window. Quite a difference!

WP_20180123_008 Aurinkoinen päivä1
WP_20180124_003 Myräkkä1

A blue moment.

IMG_8693 Varis auringossa.jpg

During these first months of a year we have blue moments after a sunset.  Everything is blue, the sky, snow, air. Today the sun rose 9.41 and sets 15.26. It is cold now and birds sit up on birches trying to catch every possible sun beam for warming.

A house for a mouse.

Hi, it`s me, Kosmo, in faraway Finland full of snow.

It has been boring, so I decided to build house for a mouse. I have never seen one, but I know  they are small. Here is the whole story in these photos.

No animals were hurt or eaten.

Take care of your humans.

IMG_8626 Piirustukset


IMG_8627 Kaikki valmiina


IMG_8641 Naula väärässä paikassa


IMG_8644 Patio


IMG_8654 Hiiret


IMG_8658 Valmis

Butter in a snow storm.

WP_20171122_003 Voi ja KOsmo

Hi, it´s me Kosmo here. Yesterday all the people and animals had a snow storm in Europe and they got bored to snow and sent it here. It has been snowing the whole day. Everything is covered with white, soft snow. Very beautiful!

What about the butter, you ask now. I love butter! In this pic my dad has butter in his finger for me. Behind me is a window and all you see is white, that´s snow. There is a thermometer in the window, look under my chin, it is 0°C/ 32°F. Not cold at all andl this snow will melt away, again. That may lift water in rivers too high, and there is flood alarm in the West coast.

Take care of your humans!



Sunday Photo.

WP_20171201_004 Ranta

Hi everybody,

It´s me, Kosmo, here. This blog has been quiet, too quiet, and you see the reason in the photo above. Here is nobody, here is dark and raining. Wet ground feels terrible in my soft paws. Mom has not rushed out with her camera, no birds, some magpies, no flowers. It looks like we are hibernating until we will see the sun.

Kosmo, a cat in faraway Finland.

Kosmo mallikuva

Polar Night. Kaamos. Полярная ночь.


The polar night occurs in the northernmost and southernmost regions of the Earth when the night lasts 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.

In Northern parts of Finland this polar night starts 25.11. In Finnish it is called kaamos. The sun in under the horizon about eight weeks. It is not totally dark , it is soft twlight.

Here in our area the sun doesn´t go under the horizon, but the shortest day, the sun above the horizon, is only about three and half hours.

Black Friday. Musta perjantai.

Black Friday has arrived to Finland. Today was the first time when every shop had Black Friday and – 30%, -50% signs everywhere.  In a big mall shops were empty, so this Friday was not  big success, but our sky had a great “black clouds” show.

WP_20171124_005 Black Friday1

What are you doing in my blog, you old …  Ok, just once, or twice, I have to take a nap.

IMG_7254 Stinky eye.jpg

A working cat. Kissa työssä.

Kosmo mallikuvaHi, it´s me Kosmo here. An amazing story in today´s newpaper, a cat named Pörri, is working in Pyhtää municipality. She works in an information office and welcomes all the visitors. She has worked there already seven years. She lives in a nearby house, and is every morning ready to work. She has, of course, an ID card.

Iltalehti newspaper presented Pörri, a working cat, today.


A cat is KISSA in Finnish, I pronounced like i in a word lip and  A like a in a word car.

And here she is!



A Rainy Sunday. Sateinen sunnuntai.


IMG_8589 Kosmon pää

It´s me, Kosmo, a cat in faraway Finland here. And what has happened here? Nothing, I say.

The first snow melted away soon and the it has been raining, raining and raining. I don´t remember a year so rainy as this one, hmm… I am about four years, but rainy anyway.

It is dark here as in a coal mine, never been there though, Midsummer night is brighter than our daytime now. I got my Christmas tree already, it is outside, the lights I will have at the beginning of December. Some cats have the lights on in their yards in this rain, looks like a very sad circus.

Mom has not been blogging at all, so I have to do this, she has been walking, knitting and reading a book with strange letters, like плджщшгцыю, and making strange sounds. So I will be in charge of this blog for a while. I try to read your blogs, I know how to open this machine, lid up, lights on, and a long nail out to the letters, and that´s it. I am going to take a nap just now…

IMG_8588 Kosmo


All Saints’ Day. Pyhäinpäivä.

While the Christian holiday All Saints’ Day is generally observed on November 1, the dominant Lutheran churches in Finland  have celebrated it on the nearest Saturday since the mid-1950s.

Variously referred to as known as the Feast of All Saints, All Hallows’ Day or Hallowmas, the day honours saints, martyrs and those who have died, especially during the previous year. Finns traditionally mark the day by lighting candles at the graves of loved ones.

IMG_4204 Hautausmaa