Light nights. Белые ночию. Valkeat yöt.

It is again time of Summer solstice, it is Midsummer. Our light nights are after Summer solstice getting darker till 21th of December. Here is some photos taken in our yard at midnight.

IMG_9204 Piha yöllä kokokuva
The sun still paints the sky red.
IMG_9215 Koivu
A birch.
IMG_9207 Kuu
The moon.

33 thoughts on “Light nights. Белые ночию. Valkeat yöt.

  1. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is wun brite midnite yoo guys hav got their this time of yeer!!! i gess that meens mor time to play in the yard at leest until winter comes arownd agin!!! ok bye

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