A house for a hedgehog. Дом ёжа. Siilin talo.

My husband is building a new house for a hedgehog. We help a hedgehog putting some dry hay inside the house and it can collect more if needed. It carries hay in it´s mouth and it is a huge work. The house is made waterproof. If it is warm days in winter and the snow is melting, water can´t get inside the house and wet a sleeping inhabitant and then freeze it when it is frost again.  This house will be the third one under a huge pile of branches and dry leaves in a peaceful corner in our yard. My husband said that this easy to build and it is very important, because nowadays hedgehogs is very difficult to find a place for winter because of too clean gardens and yards.


IMG_8344 Siili perusta
At the beginning.
IMG_8347 Siili väliseinä
A safety wall. A curious paw outside can´t find anything.
IMG_8350 Ilmareiät
Air condition.
IMG_8351 Siili jalat
The legs keep the floor in the house dry.
IMG_8348 Valmis1
Ready to move in.
IMG_7558 Pesäkasa
Under  these branches and leaves is now two houses and tomorrow there will be three houses. Last winter the houses were occupied and we saw in August a tiny hedgehog.






38 thoughts on “A house for a hedgehog. Дом ёжа. Siilin talo.

  1. Dat is so cool. Your husband be very talented. We’d glad sty in his house hotel fur da winter. We see some lucky hedgehogs come winter. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    Liked by 1 person

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