Lucifer and Klaara.

A strong heat wave, called Lucifer, attacked Europe last week and Lucifer´s tail hit for us two warm and sunny days, Thursday and Friday. After that a thunderstorm Klaara visited us on Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_8145 Salko1
Heat wave Lucifer gave us some summer days.
IMG_8150 Lilja1
After Klaara.
Flowers are decorated with raindrops.
One of my favourite flowers, a soapwort.
“Raindrops keep falling on my head”.



10 thoughts on “Lucifer and Klaara.

  1. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog hay that summer heet wayv sownds ok eeven tho it is naymd lucifer but i do not think i wood hav liked that thunderstorm klaara!!! i do not like thunderstorms eeven wen they dont hav nayms i kan only imadjin wot wuns wot hav got nayms ar like!!! ok bye

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  2. Yay! You actually had a few days of real summer weather. It amazes me how you know the names of all the flowers. They do look beautiful after the rain.

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