Visiting Ähtäri Zoo.

Some information, Ähtäri Zoo website: “Ähtäri Zoo was established in 1973 and nowadays houses 65 animal species of Scandinavian forest zone. The zoo is spread in 60 hectares, in a very nice wide natural environment, surrounded by different terrains and vegetation. There is a 3 km and a 1.5 km walking routes and approximately 300 animals. It is open every day throughout the year. The most popular animals are our bears, endangered snow leopards and new animals takinies from Himalaya, endangered as well.”

There is two bear cubs, 1,5 years old and they are playing, like children do.

One cub was swimming. Tuesday was a hot day.
The other one was swinging in a cartyre.
Sisällä renkaassa
It was really fun.
Ulos renkaasta
Now to the pool.
There was a crocobear waiting.
Menossa altaaseen
Walking to the pool.
Suut auki
Who was here first?
Koko karhu
Here was a peanut.
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