Raining and 14°C/ 57°F. Sataa. Дождь.

It is coldest summer in twenty years. The sky is like  a gray blanket above houses. The nature seems to like it, lots of water and sometimes a warm day. Everything is so green and all the flowers blossom.



24 thoughts on “Raining and 14°C/ 57°F. Sataa. Дождь.

  1. Mee-you wee have heet an hue-miditee an sum dayss iss hard to breethe! When a Nortgh wind blows wee enjoy it a lot…..
    Yur Summer seemss not so summery **sighsss**
    It appeerss that thee weather iss out of whack efurrywhere! PHOOEY!!!
    Mee hopess sum Summer ackshully visitss youss’ soon.
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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  2. guyz…..ewe iz welcome heer in de land oh trout…itz crazee hot heer N even crazee urr out west…..last nite at close ta dark o clox it was still
    H.O.T. ~~~~~~ hope everee onez doin sooooooper grate♥♥♥

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