A white veil. Valkoinen huntu.

The cherryplum trees “Podarok of St. Petersburg” are in to blossom. In two sunny days the trees are suddenly full of small white flowers, every branch is fully covered with these flowers. At the end of August these trees have small, yellow and very sweet plums.

We planted these trees inthe spring 2012, they were about 1,20 m/ 3,5 ft high.

Poda puut

Poda lähikuva

Poda oksa


26 thoughts on “A white veil. Valkoinen huntu.

  1. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it luks like sumbuddy just sprayd and sprayd flowers all over those trees until their wuz no tree left just flowers!!! i bet the bees just luv vizzitting them fore pollin!!! ok bye

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  2. kosmo…..dood….way glad ta see spring haz sprung at yur place !!!!! theeze treez look like they haz snowz on em !!
    🙂 we iz off line for a few sew heerz two an X ray fish kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥

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