Our spring is late.

Our spring is late about three four weeks. Here is some photos taken 18.5.2016. At the same day this year, today, we have nothing, our trees and plants are just trying to awake. The temperature is warmer, today + 10°C/ 50°F. Now it should be almost  summer temperatures, not like an early spring. Do we have summer this year at all?

The years 1866-1868 were terrible years here, lakes were frozen at midsummer. Then it was a warmer period and people could seed grain and potatoes. But the first snow came in August and destroyed everything. The next summer was cold and rainy. The famine was here, people had nothing to eat. They left their homes, started to walk from house to house begging. Roads were bordered with starved bodies. They were buried to graveyards together, nobody knew who they were. About 8% of the whole population died to hunger and diseases. Some villages were empty, no one survived.

If you are interested to read of these famine years in English, click the link.


Kirsikka viime vuosi


9 thoughts on “Our spring is late.

  1. I had NO idea Finland suffered thru a famine! We all know about Ireland’s potato famine as it was taught in school. What a horrid time Finland went thru.
    AS for spring ours has been fairly normal altho Wednesday & Thursday were very hot & muggy. Today it is back to 40 F & northeast wind…bone chilling! Typical Canadian weather, lol.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Your header photo is lovely!
    P.S.S.: Siddhartha Henry sends his mee-yowss to Kosmo also…

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