Finnish Sauna.

Some of our followers have asked about our sauna, what is it like and what happens in our sauna. I found this great article, in English, written by Pirkko Valtakari, former executive secretary of the Finnish Sauna Society.
Here is the link

And if you “google” a word sauna, you will find pictures of our saunas, a cottage by a lake, a small sauna in an apartment and everything between these.

Please read it, if you have not been in a finnish sauna.





14 thoughts on “Finnish Sauna.

  1. Hello. I liked Your post very much, because Sauna is very near to my heart. The link You gave, did not give practical instructions to use Sauna. I give here my old post and it tells about Sauna in a practical way – how to use.

    Holy cow – Sauna on wheels!.

    You may remove my link, because I did not ask Permission to put it here. I beg Your pardon.

    Happy new week. Matti.

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