Siilin talo. Our hedgehog´s house.

Inside this pile of leaves is a two room house. It is made so that water, rain or melting snow, can´t wet a sleeping hedgehog. The leaves keep the house safe and a little bit warmer. The house is in a quiet corner of our yard.  The hedgehog, we have seen only one this spring, has made two doors. That white spot is a water bowl and in the evenings we give him/ her cat food.

Every autumn in newspapers is articles how to make a house for a hedgehog. Every year we have them less, traffic is the most dangerous enemy. These winters without snow and often changing temperatures also kill them, if they have shelter only of leaves or hay. They get wet and freeze, when the weather is cold again.

PS. It is snowing now.

Siilin pesä

We had three hedgehogs living in your yard during the summer 2013.




25 thoughts on “Siilin talo. Our hedgehog´s house.

  1. I love hedgehogs, they are so cute! One year our son wanted to go out every evening to look for hedgehogs. Unfortunately I don’t he found any 😱

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  2. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo shoor hav had sum krazy wether this yeer!!! i hope yore non ninja hedjhogs ar dooing okay!!! there howse luks like it shud hav gnomes living in it or sumthing!!! ok bye

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  3. What an adorable family of hedgehogs. Sad to hear that they are having a hard time. Thanks for giving them food, shelter, and love in your backyard.


  4. So, I guess in a way, they ARE protected. I wish we had such cute, USEFUL wild animals around here. Ours all seem to be destructive, in one way or another.

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