Messengers of Spring, Whooper Swans.

A whooper swan is our national bird, and also the first signs of spring. A whooper swan is in finnish laulujoutsen. Laulu is a song and joutsen is a swan.

Koko joutsen
A whooper swan.
Like a ballerina.
Joutsen pää veden alla

17 thoughts on “Messengers of Spring, Whooper Swans.

  1. Absolutely ADORE Swans! We have a pair in our 143 hectare Harrison Park here. They are so graceful & lovely…..
    Lovely pix per usual Kristiina; you have a wonderful eye.
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  2. Your laulujoutsen is beautiful. The feathers look like tulle material in a ladies dress. So that is where the title, “Swan Song” came from!

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