Book Review: Purr-a-noia by Jeanne Foguth.


Xander the Hunter, one of Catamondo´s Purrtectors, receives a message from Haiti. Purrsey Lourdes, Purrtector of Haiti, tells that her country is in revolt. She needs help and advice how to keep peace on her jurisdiction.

Xander reads her message for the tenth time, and recollects how beautiful eyes she has. So who can say no, and Xander sails with Whispurring Winds to Haiti.

There starts an adventure, dangerous and twisted. Following Xander`s paw prints a reader gets to know Haiti, is`s history, religion, people and it`s animal kingdom and Xander finds out there is now really something wrong, as Purrsay said.

Xander gets new friends and enemies.He learns to know what is wrong and where.  Who is that lovely little girl using a pink flower as a rain hat, why Xander is having a talkative scarf?

Reading this book like an adventure book, I had a feeling I am adventuring with Xander ” James Bond” Hunter. These two heroes have an ability to make sudden and  right decisions and also react immediately. They know  High-Tech equipments and they really use them. They both remember beautiful eyes, too.

This book has, like Red Claw, many levels, it is an adventure book with a social meaning. This book shows how important is education, health care to every one, cats, dogs, humans. It is also  a book against racism. Jeanne Foguth has a talent to tell all these issues in her own way. The riots started in this book when kittens and puppies were planned to have only one school.

If you want to know about the end of this book, I tell you it is really a happy end.






22 thoughts on “Book Review: Purr-a-noia by Jeanne Foguth.

  1. WOW – is the beautiful picture at the top where you LIVE? We don’t have anything like that where I live, except sorta’ maybe in the park, where there aren’t houses all around. (Well, there are, but you can’t see that there are.) We have really different trees here too — except for the one Mom brings inside for Christmas – which I think she keeps in the basement.

    I want Mom to make her book club read this book – so she can read it to ME during snuggle time in bed. I love 4-legses adventures and she likes to read about “issues and the need for change” (her way to say things). It sounds perfect for us. (Or is it purrfect?) Thanks for stopping by Bacon’s Spotlight today to get to know ME, btw.
    Woof! TINK

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      1. I know – Mom read all about Brexit and the riots in Sweden and all kinds of troubles around the world. But right now she seems most worried about the man in charge here in America, REALLY worried. She wishes we lived nearer to where you are.
        Woof! Tink

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      2. In Sweden the situation is now bad, it is so impossible to think that now radical muslims are even attacking police forces. We are here between Sweden and Russia, I hope we can live in peace. Your president is different from the earlier ones, I hope he is able to make good relationships with Russia.

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      3. I think it will be more the opposite, given what’s coming out – they seem to have means of making *sure* Russia has a good relationship with America.

        I think everybody wants to live in peace – except for the politicians who seem to think war guards their money. (I think that’s what Mom means, anyway, when she gets mad about Corporate Capitalism.)
        Woof! TINK

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      4. I’m fine, thanks – and it’s good to know that you finally have peace where you are. I hope that is always what you can say, Kosmo.

        Mom says she doesn’t hate politics itself so much, except that the field is made up of individuals far too willing to put their own desires for notoriety and the increase of capital ahead of the welfare of those they supposedly serve – so she can’t stand politicians.

        If Mom doesn’t like ’em, I don’t either.
        Woof! TINK

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