Look, look what did I see!


Hi, it is me, Kosmo here. Look what I saw this evening in our yard.

A Snowcat!  What a surprise!

Dad, please, let him come in.



27 thoughts on “Look, look what did I see!

  1. Hi Kosmo – Tink, here – even though the tiny picture looks like it’s Mom. (We have to share a computer, so I think that’s why). I wish we had snow cats where I live – but our February has weird weather too. It can’t make up its mind about winter or spring. I hate rain, because I don’t get to go outside when it happens – which seems like all the time in February – so I don’t blame that cat for heading off to Lappland.
    Woof! TINK

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      1. I hate summer because it is HOT. Mom practically faints in hot weather and even I don’t want to go on very long walks. We even like winter better – but not so much the way it is here.

        I’ll bet the snow cat is going to try again next year, after your weather finds its mind.
        Woof! TINK

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  2. hello kosmo its dennis the vizsla dog hay luks like that kitty enjoys the kold almost as mutch as my sister the beautiful trixie did!!! i bet he wil be noware to be fownd come spring time but he wil be bak wen it snows just like frosty the snowman!!! ok bye

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    1. Hi Dennis, that kitty had to go to Lappland, because it started raining here, but he promosed to come back. The weather is crazy here, February is the coldest month with snow, but it is much warmer than usually and raining!?! I am afraid that we will have snow at summuer, huh.
      Have a day full of lovely friends!

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