Pilkillä. Icefishing.

Very exciting and cold hobby.

29 thoughts on “Pilkillä. Icefishing.

  1. I can relate Kristiina. I know my Fibro & Osteoarthritis are hereditary from my Mother’s side of family. And I could function at about 75-85% with just those 2 ailments.
    Once The Skeletal Hyperostosis appeared in 1998 I had NO idea what was happening. I was finally diagnosed in 2001. By then the Hyperostosis had settled in deeply & there was nothing left to do. When it coupled with the other 2 ailments act up together it is like having MS! (Very scary!)
    I now have bone spurs in left elbow; both shoulder blades; first two neck (Cervical) vertabrae; along my mid-spine (Thoracic spine); both S-I Joints; right hip; both knees & ankles. I have had modified hip surgery on left hip in 2005 so that is ONLY joint was fixed.
    No clue how I ended up with a condition 82% of male population get….I’m a medical mystery! *sighs*

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  2. I used to be a camper here also. Rough camping; sleeping on the ground…hiking…sightseeing.
    And now I am confined to a 2 block radius! Hard to believe we are the same people isn’t it?

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