Vanha valtatie. An Old Highway.

This way was the main route, Hämeenkankaantie,  from South to North in Finland. It has seen much, postmen riding with urgent letters, some kings in their sledges, wolves, poor people begging for food in guesthouses, soldiers marching, tax collectors and now sometimes a car.

We use this old highway, if not too much snow,  at Christmas Eve, when we drive to a nearby town to light candles to the graves of our parents.



14 thoughts on “Vanha valtatie. An Old Highway.

  1. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a luvly stretch of rode for shoor and wow has it seen a lot of things!!! i kan imadjin how those kandels must luk wen they lite up the semeterry on krismas eev!!! ok bye

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