Thank you for helping me!

The problems with my comments are not over. I have been writing comments to very many posts, quite many are disappering. It is also possible that you will get more than one comment in one post.  Please, I ask once more, check your spam.

This photo is taken yesterday, the sun at 2.50 pm.We live quite south, so we see the sun for six hours, but days are still getting shorter about three weeks more.The shortest day is 22.12,  the sunrise at 9.43 am. and the sunset 15.03 pm.






28 thoughts on “Thank you for helping me!

  1. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog hay this happins to me sumtimes too!!! the minyuns at wordpress tel me it may be on akkownt of my speling kan yoo beleev that??? wot is rong with my speling??? ennyway dada has mor then wunse had to talk to them abowt it and then it eventchooaly gits better!!! meenwile i hav had dada fish a kuple of yore komments owt of my spam he wil keep an eye owt for more!!! oh and by the way the sun in that pikcher luks like sum sort of benevolent speerit manifesting in the woods like maybe glenda the gud witch!!! ok bye

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  2. We can not imagine living where there are only 6 hours of daylight. That would be a big adjustment. We all love the sun. Except in the worst heat of the summer, of course.

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    1. Hi, We’re sorry to leave this comment on your blog but we can’t find an email addy for you.Thank you for following us, but there is a slight problem. We don’t post on WP, just have a link to our Blogger blog there. We still panic when we see the G+ sign-in so we used our WP. On most blogs we can change a WP sign-in to Blogger, but we can’t on this blog, so we used WP. Looking forward to many more of your lovely photos. We blog at

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