Lumi on kadonnut. Snow has disappeared.

This photo is taken today at noon and the photo below almost in a same place 11.11.2016, a week ago. It started rain yesterday morning and it still continues. All the snow has disappered.


Yläpuolella oleva kuva on otettu tänään. Alla oleva kuva viikko sitten melkein samassa kohdassa. Eilen aamulla alkanut sade jatkuu edelleen. Kaikki lumi on sulanut.


Grass is green like in summertime. Ruoho vihertää kuin kesällä.




10 thoughts on “Lumi on kadonnut. Snow has disappeared.

  1. Thiss iss berry strange Kosmo isn’t it??? You had snow an it melted an now warm enuff to look like spring??? An here wee were so warm on Furiday an today wee have snow!!! An it iss berry chilly!!! What weerd weather all over…..
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Pee Cee goin inn fur reepairss so wee bee offline most of thee week….

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  2. Still no snow here but it is COLD enough to snow…….the weatherman says we will have our first snow December 6th…….I say “HOW CAN YOU TELL?????”……HAHAHA……

    Hugs, Sammy

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