Lokakuu 21.päivä. October 21.Day.

Colours in a forest on a sunny day. Metsän värejä aurinkoisena päivänä.

Photos taken at Panelia, Eura.

panelian tie.jpg


19 thoughts on “Lokakuu 21.päivä. October 21.Day.

  1. Good idea Kristiina except Siddhartha Henry is hardy! He will stay out a l-o-n-g time!
    Today I put him out in smaller Condo with Sherpa mats & 2 blankets. He was out for 2 hours. Came in & is napping….I will walk him when he asks later….Once he realizes it is not going to get warmer he will spend less time outside….BBBRRR….

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  2. It is autumn here but with North wind & it feels colder that it actually is! Siddhartha Henry wants to go out but he shivers even in his vest….I do not know what we will do when Winter is really here….he really should not be outside for long….
    I hope I can get thru the weekend w/out him flipping out….

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