20 000 cats!

Today’s newspapers told that in Finland every year about 20 000 cats are abandoned, born wild or euthanized unwanted, maybe with cruelty. Some abandoned or wild born find their way  to a shelter, the others die in the nature. Our winter is hard.

Here in Finland every municipality must have a shelter for animals found homeless. They keep them two weeks trying to find their home, after that maybe a new home, mayby not.

This is a terrible problem. Where is our human resbonsibility?

Here is one of those abandoned, our Kosmo. We don´t know how he ended  to our yard, one day he just came, walked straight to my lap. He was sick, his tail was broken and he had never ending hunger. At that time, we had two weeks earlier buried our last cat, so we were sure, that this cat is for us. And so he was. He was one of those lucky ones finding a new home.

Eteisen lattiallaKosmo rentoSlPoskien harjausNukahtaanutTietokoneellaProfiili





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