Seis! Stop! Стоп!


Töyhtöhyyppä poikasineen keskellä tietä. A Northern Lapwing  with two chicks in the middle of the road.  Чибис и двое детей.poikasia2

Stop töyhtö

Emo tarkkana

Poikanen 1.jpg





9 thoughts on “Seis! Stop! Стоп!

  1. Hi Charlie, you have a lovely story of ths bird family. I have visited your blog, tried to comment, and finally succeeded by using Anonymous-way, so you know it’s me. It is nice to have a friend in Noosa Paradise.
    Kosmo and his mom
    from faraway Finland.


  2. We have a similar bird here called a plover. They also lay their eggs on the ground and a pair recently laid their eggs on the lawn at the front of my house right next to a road. It was a nightmare once they hatched as they would wander onto the road all the time and their poor parents were frantic. Mum and the neighbours did what they could to help keep them safe until they could fly but they did lose one of the chicks.

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