Kukkaräjähdys. Flower Explosion.

The cherryplum trees “Podarok of St. Petersburg” are starting to blossom. It happens so fast, it is like an explosion, the trees are suddenly full of small white flowers.

Kirsikkaluumupuut “Podarok of St. Petersburg” alkavat kukkia, niin nopeasti, että puut aivan räjähtävät täyteen kukkia.









Koko Puu.jpg


6 thoughts on “Kukkaräjähdys. Flower Explosion.

    1. The trees are like covered with snow or cotton. That blindworm you saw, we call it bronze snake and tell your Mom to google Kalevala koru Vaskikäärme, there is beautiful jewellery set and the model has been that bronze snake.


  1. I love your photos! And I love these little flowers. I was thinking of going to the Roihuvuori Japanese Cherry tree gardens today but I got sick 🙁 Your photos cheer me up!


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