Pieni kerjäläinen. The Little Beggar.

This cat comes every day to our garden to beg for food. He must have some kind of a home, because we have so cold that it impossible to survive outside over winter. A food cup is in the snow.

It was raining about a week and last night started to snow heavily as you see in the unclear photo.

Tämä kissa tulee joka päivä pihaamma pyytämään ruokaa. Jonkinlainen koti sillä tässä lähistöllä on, koska talven yli ei selviä ulkona. Ruokakuppi on hangessa.

Satoi vettä noin viikon ja viime yönä alkoi kova lumisade, kuten epäselvässä kuvassa näkyy.



3 thoughts on “Pieni kerjäläinen. The Little Beggar.

  1. I hope he has a home. Perhaps he just crawls under something to keep warm. Cats are able to adapt to many weather conditions but I am sure the cold is difficult for them. You are a good person to feed him.

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